Transgender Sponsorship

 Due to a $1000 donation, Flash Electrology, Lake Forest, California location has the opportunity to gift treatment for one individual who wishes to transition.  Please read the following information and complete the requirements via this link


Donor’s Background

For over 30 years I didn’t think it was possible to transition and still do everything else I wanted to do in life.  Go to school every day, maintain a relationship with my parents and friends, graduate from college, swim competitively, get a job, own a house, and be active in my community.  I dealt with not being able to transition in my own way.  I had lots of internal thoughts and lots of projects to distract myself from those thoughts.  Then the world became more accepting, and I had built up enough personal equity with the people I care about and financial equity to be able to finance a successful transition.  For the past year and a half I’ve been transitioning.  Mental health, hormones, electrolysis, hair plugs, and surgical consultations.

Challenges and Responses 

The insurance battle was a huge stress for me.  I kept all my receipts, submitted them per procedure, and then followed up with phone calls. I found a representative who could handle my claims via email instead of physical mail.     The insurance company processed maybe 3% of my claims properly the first time.  Most times, I was only reimbursed after several months of back and forth over mail, phone, email, web portal. They lost claims or pieces of documentation, they denied claims for having the wrong cpt code, or sent payment to the provider instead of me.  They told me providers weren’t qualified when they were.  They rejected claims for not being medically necessary, then rejected appeals.  It felt like it was me against them.  I pleaded my case, explaining in depth why these services are so critical to my wellbeing.  The people at the insurance companies care, they just don’t fully understand how desperate we are and they have to follow rules that weren’t set up with transgender people in mind.

Rationale for Proposal

The actions of the insurance company made me ashamed of begging to have my transition covered, like maybe they’re right, it’s “not medically necessary.”  It felt wrong to be denied treatment for something which was obviously needed.   But persistence pays off.  My employer changed their insurance policy to include transgender related care!  All my claims to date have been or are in the process of being paid the full amount covered by my plan!! Even electrolysis!!!  And I’m preapproved for surgery!!!!

I hope that my efforts with Cigna and Blue Shield of California will help make it a tiny bit easier for other people to get their claims processed too.   But one person can’t change the whole system on their own.

I hope that helping you will let you know that people do care about you. That people want you to be happy.  That people understand that you need this.  That transitioning is not optional for you, not a choice.  And to let you know that it is possible if you do your part to make it possible.


I want to gift $1000 towards your treatment.  It’s a gift, no strings attached.  I’ll never contact you, check up on you, set requirements for any part of your transition.  I just want to make it easier for you and let you know the world cares about you.

Eligibility requirements

Complete the following form explaining:

  • When you first knew you were transgender
  • Why you’re ready to transition
  • What this treatment will mean to your transition
  • What you plan to do to get your insurance to cover your treatment going forward
  • Ways you plan to keep this ask of kindness going when you are further into your journey

Complete three 30 minute treatments paid for on your own to make sure:

  • You are dedicated enough to scrape together some funding on your own
  • This treatment is what you want
  • This provider is right for you